Sweet Jams Kid Shirt

$ 5.00

This 100% organic cotton children's shirt features a happy little vegetable showing off his musical skills. A list of Farm Aid 2014 performers who donated their time and talent at our concert in Raleigh, NC, is on the back. This shirt is made by American Apparel in the USA.

Designed by Derek Yesman, Daydream Design.

Farm Aid's 2014 t-shirts reflect the family farm values of protecting health, economy, water and soil, and supporting farmer livelihoods. We strive to source merchandise that reflects our mission by using organic cotton whenever available, along with some grown by farmers in the middle of transitioning to organic methods. All of the cotton used in our new shirts was grown without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides and all of our T-shirts were sewn and printed in the U.S.

2nd photo by Shannon DeCelle 

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